Bird Feather

Previous Next I start from the bird feather seen under compound microscope. I “clone” the single element onto a glass to make a composition as the motion of the flock of birds. Then I add another layer on top of that, to give “lively” effect when interacts with the light.


Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern lights, is the natural luminescence caused by electron and proton charged particles’ interaction with the world’s magnetic wave. On March 2013, cosmologists working with gravitational waves suggested that our known universe could instead be a multiverse — a multitude of universe. Influenced by a contemporary investigation’s controversial findings, Aurora installation …

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Crystal forms are incredibly diverse; they can even be found in our bodies. Commissioned by Science Gallery Detroit, I researched the similarities of crystals found in our bodies (teardrops, sweat) and found in nature. As a part of DEPT exhibition, I grew variety of crystals on petridishes, show microscopic similarities of samples and displayed 7 …

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Botanical Series

I am constantly refreshing and updating my works by pondering the possibilities of utilizing new materials and techniques in my art. As an experimental artist, I gravitate towards and mingle with people in diverse fields – to broaden my perspectives and inspiration.  In the last few years, I bring my experience of biological observation to …

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Acid Vision

The initial idea behind this series took the form of questions such as “How can interactivity could be designed without using any software, optical detectors, or touch-operated apparatuses?”Interactivity is not merely an optical game, but an experience that enables visitors to grasp the relationship they have with world and objects in it through their own …

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Mold Blossom

Growing bacteria taken from different botanics led me to collaborate with living forms. Nature is fruitful and creative in an uncontrolled ways. Growing mold was not something that I calculated when starting this experiment. Looking at mold under microscope let me think about the field of black flowers, moon surface, microsphere, and ink on water. …

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Floral Landscapes

Using compound microscopes analysing botanical cell structure that are impossible to see with naked eyes. In FLORAL LANDSCAPES, they are the collages and paintings of different botanical series suggesting imaginary landscapes; inviting the audience to experience the microscope slides of the botanical cell structures in large scales.  

Tear Drop Crystals

Previous Next Crying is an exocrine process, that is, a process in which a substance comes out of the body. Other exocrine processes, like exhaling, urinating, defecating and sweating, release toxic substances from the body. There’s every reason to think crying and sweating release chemicals that the body produces in response to stress. Most of …

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