Crystal forms are incredibly diverse; they can even be found in our bodies. Commissioned by Science Gallery Detroit, I researched the similarities of crystals found in our bodies (teardrops, sweat) and found in nature. As a part of DEPT exhibition, I grew variety of crystals on petridishes, show microscopic similarities of samples and displayed 7 crystalline structures. I started this project with tear drops, then inspired by Dr. Raquel Garcia`s thesis from IRB to grow crystals and collaborated with Dr. Neus Prats for microscopic flight above crystals.

The power of crystals; transcends the boundaries of science and art, fact and faith, medicine and magic through the centuries. The word crystal refers broadly to any solid with atoms, ions, or molecules that follow a microscopic structure of cubic symmetry. This definition extends far beyond gems, comprising everything from snowflakes to tear drops. A dozen of grown Crystals was at Michigan Science Center in Detroit in 2019. The audience was fascinated by their geometrical shapes, unique structures and their response to light.